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Auto AC Service in Baltimore, Maryland

At ABC Radiator & Air Conditioning in Baltimore, Maryland, we are pleased to offer quality, reliable Auto AC Services; but don't take our word for it. Read what these recent customers have to say.
Honest and Easy to Understand

"These guys were straight up honest and explained in everyday terms what was going on with my vehicle- only charged me a case of beer for diagnostics, much like a neighbor, I highly recommend them. Turns out my air started working the next week on its own, not needing any repair, so I can't speak for workmanship but I would return before going anywhere else due to the comfort ability and knowledge displayed. All American, easy to understand."
Highly Recommended

"I highly recommend ABC Radiator!!! I have been having issues with my car overheating every few months for over two years now. I had been taking it to another local repair shop and replaced everything from hoses to fans to motors to computer chips only to have the same problem happen again and again and again. I found ABC Radiator at the corner of Bank and Central and called and spoke to Bob. My car was fixed for a fraction of what I had been paying at the other shop and it runs smoothly now. Very friendly and FINALLY a place that is honest and great to deal with."
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